National Hobo Convention 2010 - Britt, Iowa

Ridgeway John

Hummingbird and Streamline

Grain Car George

Dante and Bo Lump

Cookin Mama and Tan Man

Pig Roast

Line up for the pig roast


Songbird sings the national anthem

Jewel - a few words about Harmon

King Ink man

Queen Bo Lump

King Adman

Totem Pole Rick

Queen Gypsy Moon

King Iowa Poet Blackie

Serenity Gospel Singers

King Frog

Queen Ms. Charlotte

Queen Mad Mary and King Grandpa Dudley

Candidate Double B

Candidate Half Track

Candidate Cookin Mama

Candidate Hummingbird

Trucker Phil

Candidate Grain Car George

Candidate Dante

Candidate Hobo Spike

New Queen - Double B

New King - Dante

Britt Home